The Journey of Le Pari Dalat has been one of diligence, entrepreneurship, emotion and partnership.

Le Pari Dalat is my personal interpretation of Blue Ocean Strategy©, whereby one unlocks business potential by looking anew at market share.

Through this approach I aim to emphasise social impact and sustainability in the context of Vietnam’s dynamic coffee arena.

©: Blue Ocean Strategy, how to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant, Kim & Mauborgne, 2005

After graduating in sustainable development in Paris, I returned to my mother’s roots in Vietnam.

I started a coffee plantation in the Central Highlands close to the hill station of Dalat, a mountain town that has become synonymous with Vietnam’s premier coffee production capabilities.

My business model focuses on social impact by building an inclusive community that shares a common philosophy.

We target only the highest international standards of quality, while committing to minimising our environmental footprint and maximising the benefit to the farmers.

We may share the vision of Fairtrade, but we do not subscribe to their certification programme.

Le Pari Dalat has been shaped by the inspired contributions of the disparate and generous people I have encountered throughout this journey.

The brand has been organically determined by this unlikely set of influences, and this is reflected in the project: a positive outcome from diversified input.

Le Pari Dalat is named after this entrepreneurial journey: Le Pari, “the bet” in French, reflects the spirit of this adventure.

Our logo and symbol is the lotus, which grows from the muddy depths of a pond into an elegant and eye-catching flower.

Le Pari Dalat is a premium product because of the community behind the project.

The coffee cherries are meticulously grown and handpicked by dedicated Vietnamese farmers selected for their skills and experience.

We believe strongly in social inclusion, and that work can be a tool to change deep-rooted societal attitudes towards vulnerable segments of the population.

Many of our farmers belong to the Chill ethnic group from the Choro community, one of the many minority groups that make up the ethnic mosaic of the Vietnamese Central Highlands.

The Chill have a longstanding relationship with the land, shaping a culture that has been based on agriculture for countless generations.

The Chill and their innate knowledge and skills are fundamental to the high quality of the premium beans.

The other community we work with is a collective of farmers with various mental impairments.

These diligent farmers take great pride in their profession, participating in work that gives them a deep sense of empowerment as they positively contribute to society.

Shunned from other areas of employment, working with these farmers is a true privilege as their strong sense of responsibility and their dedication is reflected in the quality of the final product.

Both groups were chosen for their disciplined family structure, their knowledge and expertise, and their understanding of the time and effort required to achieve optimum quality.

The farmers express their joie de vivre through a powerful connection with the land that they live off, while the French influence focuses on refined experiences. This intercultural mix results in a vibrancy in each sip.

Vietnamese Ladies demonstrate hard work and determination on a daily basis.

My Vietnamese mother and grandmother are great sources of inspiration in this respect and the Vietnamese farmers behind Le Pari Dalat have been selected for these values.

Coffee production began in Vietnam during the French period, and despite a complicated and checkered history, the industry has blossomed as Vietnam has become one of the world’s great coffee giants, second only to Brazil.

The optimal growing conditions are found around Dalat (Đà Lạt in Vietnamese) in the southern portion of the Central Highlands. An area of coffee production for over 150 years, the arable soils and vernal climate have cultivated pockets of independent farming communities that produce high quality coffee beans.

Independent producers have been selected for their respective expertise in the production of Bourbon, Arabica and Robusta.

The resulting niche volumes are harvested only by hand and sorted within their respective communities.

This allows for maximum traceability along our short pathway from tree to cup, while the traditional connection with nature ensures low environmental impact and high levels of sustainability.

Le Pari Dalat pursues original flavour, while striking the delicate balance between gentle acidity, round fruitiness and bittersweet roast.

Due to the distinct quality of our Arabica and Robusta, these coffees can be blended or can stand alone. No additives, preservatives, additional flavouring or artificial colouring are used.

The coffee is offered in two single versions and one blend; all have been given the names of Vietnamese women that reflect their character.

Binh Minh – Dawn


The pure Arabica awakens the self and ignites the senses, and has been named Dawn to reflect imminent energy and dynamism. It is notable for its flowery and refined taste that balances delicacy with tenacity and is best served black.

Bach Van – White Cloud

Arabica and Robusta blend

The Arabica and Robusta blend has been crafted for those who take their coffee with milk, and has been named White Cloud to reflect this popular versatility.

Chau – Pearl


Coffee aficionados will detect an aromatic hint of lemon and a touch of dark chocolate in the Bourbon, which has been named Pearl to illustrate the smooth uniqueness of the flavour.

Coffee is like wine in that it appeals across a broad range of experiences and expectations.

You can become as involved with and as educated about coffee as you wish, but in the end it is there to be enjoyed.

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